Friday, February 27, 2004

Oh yeah...a little bit about myself!

I'm a twentysomething Canadian living in Oregon, USA.

I have a B.Sc. in Mathematics, from Nipissing University in Canada, and then a B.S. (ohh the irony) in Youth Ministry, from Toccoa Falls College in Georgia.

I have a great wife (who is fine looking also) and a great son. They make me who I am, and make sure I look good too.

I am currently a youth pastor to high school and college students.

I am engaging postmodernism and flowing with it.

I love being pomo.
Good morning...

This is the first post in the reorient blog.

Inspired by an article by Leonard Sweet I will be detailing and expressing the current culture, thoughts and deisres towards the reorientation.

I believe the church, Christian church, is in need of and set up for a new change. Similar to the reformation in severity and mass of change, but more resembling a change in orientation.

Wher is the church facing?

I hope this will be fun, will be engaging spirtually, emotionally and intellectually.

I hope we can grow together. I am amped in view of the future of God's kingdom!

It's not of this world!