Friday, March 30, 2007


S i 've been a way for quite a while and am now going to try to get back into the saddle of the blog. I've been super busy as I am helping to adjust the hcildren's ministry, develop jr. high leadership, 'plant' a new saturday night congregation (which seems to be going well), and do high school ministry while I finish up my master's program for the year. To make things even better, I just got back from the doctor where he got me eye drops to use every 4 hours for the next 7-10 days to heal my pink-eye disease.


David Crowder Band is working on their new album, Remedy is Coming, and have Ted Nugent doing some guitar work on it. It's amazing and glorious!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More time wasters

Is wasting time a sin? When does recreation become obsession?

Ponder those questions while you enjoy these links:

Spear Toss
Death Clock
Playing with time
The Door
Spider Man with Legos
Wicked Fly Illusions
Fun for Meetings
Ship of Fools

More to come, class is getting interesting...

Tricks or Treats for College Kids

Here's a group of stuff around the internet for you young folks who are following Jesus:

Boundless Webzine

Leadership U


Monday, March 05, 2007


I am cleaning out my favorites and here is a list of really cool churches that I have checked out and liked something about them. Maybe their ideas, maybe their outreach, maybe just their website. Whatever, they're just cool.

Warehouse 242



Rock Harbor

Solomons Porch

and another 47 seconds

This will help you waste a day as well. Click on the title link - see how good you are at turbo racer.

White Board

This is fun - click on the title link and waste 47 seconds.

Ed Stetzer and New Churches

Ed Stetzer is popular right now for his work on breaking the missional code. It's a putting together of two of the biggest buzzwords in church leadership today - missional and (davinci) code. It's probably a good book, but you can just listen to his teaching if you get the podcast from Resurgence. He also has a website that is dedicated to people who are starting new churches, particularly in the emergng culture.

12 mistakes and Disney

Breakthrough Media has published 12 Mistakes of Christmas Outreach. I know many pastors have no interest in marketing. I do - I am interested in effective marketing that is true to the gospel. With lists like this one, more pastors can be more effective in marketing. Another great tool may be the book Be Our Guest put together by the Disney Corporation. The church really should be the happiest place on earth, so, in our culture, the church has much to learn from the number one vacation destination for adults!

Busy - Deadly Sin number 8

Very busy lately, but only 1 month till everything for school is due, so there is a light at the end of this tunnel...getting a new laptop, so I am going to go through my favorites and blog a ton of things - for a ton of reasons.

The reorient is going to turn into a circus!