Monday, March 05, 2007

12 mistakes and Disney

Breakthrough Media has published 12 Mistakes of Christmas Outreach. I know many pastors have no interest in marketing. I do - I am interested in effective marketing that is true to the gospel. With lists like this one, more pastors can be more effective in marketing. Another great tool may be the book Be Our Guest put together by the Disney Corporation. The church really should be the happiest place on earth, so, in our culture, the church has much to learn from the number one vacation destination for adults!

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BrettR said...

not the best book to get the feel for disney marketing strategy, disney wars is much better because it does it by accident; most of the things that the mouse has done on purpose have been disasters, the accidents are the ones that hit big and they are smart enough to ride the horse that they once rejected. I love churros.
Talk of disney will get me to comment. now back to bloglines...