Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Welcome youth workers! It is an honor to be on your screen today! For those of you who are regulars here (read: mom and dad) my blog is featured in the YS update today! What an honor. I am now a world famous blogger!

So, if you have never been, I encourage you to check out the YS boards, which are a huge source of encouragement and wisdom for me - my name there is insanitysolution - paying tribute to King David.

Anyways - it's Wednesday, I've got a cold and have to be ready for tonight. Very Excited about what God is going to do - saw Him work last week and it was such a blessing.

PS - the church bought a shuttle bus that is a 21 seater - can you say gonna need my CDL and passenger endoursement - can you say gonna need to install a TV!


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