Friday, June 25, 2004

If you want to be an infallible prophet in my church then fine - let's play by the biblical rules --- if you are wrong we get to kill you.

I found this today, via Jonny Baker, and love it absolutely. I hate it when people come and say, "God told me...blahblahblah..." How is a pastor/person/human supposed to answer that. In reality "God told me" is the Christianese equivalent of

"Don't you be holding me accountable, you unspiritual freaknut. How on earth do you think you can tell me what God is saying and what he ain't? You are so unspiritual! Have you even read through the Bible three times in one year? How long was your quiet time today? That's it - I gotta go down to the local charismatic church and get the 'spirit' (which is Christianese for 'get my freak on').

So, I'm opinionated here too. I think there was something in my ink!

So read the link. It's by a guy named Scott Williams. Never heard of him - but I like him already!

check it and let me know what you think!

James <><


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Moses said...

...ill talk to you about it later!?

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That's awesome! haha