Sunday, November 21, 2004


It's all I can do to keep from swearing.

In a nice, holy kind of way.

I'm at the National Youth Worker's Convention (a YS product!) and I can't get through a single theory session without hearing about postmodernism (henceforth referred to as poshizzle). The problem I have is that most of the mentions are talking about the fad that comes after seeker-sensitive (henceforth reffered to as la grand crapola - who's not a seeker).

I use the term in the sense of what comes after the last FIVE HUNDRED years of th development of the modernist system. It's not a fad - it is where I live.

Also -

I went to a reimagining youth ministry forum - dang - there's a lot of YP's who don't have their poshizzle together. A lot of the stuff that they suggested I already believe and practice. Not that I am the next DF, but I ain't no joke.

Alright - also - if you are a student reading this, comment on what you thought of the last Wednesday night - i'D LOVE TO see some reflections to match with

Live from ATL - James <><


T said...


Uhm, I hope you had a better time in Atlanta though...after you figured out everything that you did in the past two days.

Justanothernoone said...

Last Wednesday...well. Where do I start? There was a girl who got a bloody nose and Mandy told her to deal with it. That kind of threw me off edge. Then once everyone left my group, there was only me and one other girl in the room. The "one other girl" was crying. So I was trying to comfort her as best as I could while
1.Being blind folded. 2.Not knowing who she is. and 3.Afraid Mandy will hit me again with her crazy stick. (Which gave me a bruise that I still the way.) All in all, dispite the bruises, frustration, and confusion it brought me...I think it did exactly what it was suppose to.