Saturday, December 18, 2004


So here's a relevant poll:

Are people who write the word "effing" (in blogs, etc.) really just pansies for not writing what they really mean to say?

Vote by commenting. I'll vote while I am off in the north.


Anonymous said...

I think they just want to add the effect without actually typing in the word. Probably a Pansie but if I ever did go to a website with that word I can guarantee you I would never go back to it.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, are people who soften a harsh expletive, pansies? Wow, such a wide brush. James you often paint in hugely wide brushes. I'd say sometimes yes, sometimes no. Maybe some are cowards and just can't "do the deed" ie "write the word". But maybe some are just gentler, but not too gentle. Either way, I agree with elena...count me out of those websites.

M@ndy said...

Pansies...If you are going to write the word effing you might as well write what you really mean. Not something that just sounds like it.

James said...

Wow. People are talking! I better watch what I am saying. Right - that's going to happen.

I think I do use a wide brush often. I'm not a detail person. I prefer sociology to psychology. I like thinking about cultures and ideas and broadscapes (made that word up).

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you got only, what three comments on this poll. Anyway I think that saying that is basically the same thing as saying the word, it is meant with the same meaning. It is almost as bad as the word being beeped out which thouroghly annoys me because they leave the f and whatever ending that is being said.
You'd think that they would atleast beep out the whole word.