Friday, January 28, 2005

The evangelicals are screwed!

You are not going to believe this! Well, you probably will, but it will make you wish something bad.

James Dobson has gone ahead and labled SpongeBob as not only having an oddly square private region (which he did not say directly, but is rather true), but SB is a pro-homosexual advocate!

Man, those Dobson's just ain't going to be friends with me.

So, Dobson has called out SB's participation in a video which he says is going to promote homosexaulity. I know whenever I see a sponge wearing pants it makes me gay as a $3 bill. What a swearword joke. What's next? Dora is into beastiality!! Look at her relationship with that monkey wearing boots!!

This is why the general public hates Christians. We allow this guy to be the leader and he does stupid stuff like this. It is no surprise that the term "Christian" may be beyond recovery, as is suggested by McLaren.

So click on the title link and go down and watch the's an absolute joke...Dobson picks out SB from all of the characters that have children's shows...simply b/c SB is easiest to pick on b/c he is known to adults.

It appears Dobson's real concern is in being known by adults, not saving the children from the evil homosexual spnge.



Anonymous said...

So what was it all about I mean I heard something about it on the news (but not the full story) but I can't download the video because our internet connection is, well not the greatest but not the worst either.

For God said...

Hey James it's Meghan, Wow I think that that is stupid that they pick on SB just because he is know by EVERYONE! does this mean that we are all going to pick on Big Bird now?

Anonymous said...

Actually the world hates Christians because they hated Jesus first. There is nothing we can do to change that. Let's not blame it on poor ol' Dobson. Poor SB, its not his fault, but the world is pushing acceptance of all moral points of view in the guise of tolerance. Dobson may be paranoid about this little spark, but that doesn't mean Rome isn't burning.

Anonymous said...

You know allie does have a point, what are we going to do? Conform to the world because it hates us and we want them to stop?

I'm not saying the opinion about SB is right I'm just saying that even without this they'll never stop hating us.