Monday, June 20, 2005

Midnight Maruaders

So Saturday morning I woke up and found that the youth house (which I like to call the cave, in recognition of the saints who meet in the catacombs before us) was broken into on Friday night. Thieves made off with ~$1500-$2000 worth of music and AV kit. If you've ever been robbed from from a B&E you know that feeling of violation that you want revenge for. I find myself having to remind myself that the best life for me does not include revenge. In any way.

I think practicing the Jesus Prayer over the last while will help me through this. It really helps to turn my focus from myself to the reality of the God-world.

It's still annoying that people would steal from us. At least that's how I feel; they didn't really steal from us, they stole for themselves, trying their best to get their best life possible.

So the question I find myself asking is this: Do I love the people who stole from the youth house?

It's convicting.


Anonymous said...

That was my mom's first reation - "we need to pray for those people." It fits in with that passage we studied about the holiness of a child/spouse/parent "rubbing off" on unbelieving family members. Mom thinks that thing like this might happen because we might be the only people in the thief's sphere of influence who might pray for them, and that really is a sad thought.

Anonymous said...

Umm...forgot to sign that.

Sarah :D