Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Defeating Spam and other tastes

Just a few notes: I've added/deleted some links on the right due to new blogs I read and developing relationships and I've deleted some blogs that were dead.

Also, I've added word verification to blog comments. I'm just hating the spammers. Isn't there some terrorism law that we can use to get rid of them. Spammers are a part of the axis of evil.

I have a busy am today but later I'm going to try and post on:

* Learning Party at the church of the Apostles
* How God is leading our prayers considering a new ministry
* Consumer culture and Church Sluts


Anonymous said...

"Consumer culture and **Church Sluts**"

Do I even want to know?

theoquest said...

That definitely grabs the attention, doesn't it.

Also interested in your thoughts on ministry considerations. We've just gone through (are going through) a huge change in our family, too...