Wednesday, December 21, 2005

SACC is genius

So with all the debate that is absolutely raging about the church services on Christmas issue - I really think that our church is doing something wise.

We are hosting 3 worship services, 2 on sat night and one on sun morning that are all similar but different so that people could go to just one, or two or three if they really wanted a good seat in heaven. There's no child care - they are all family oriented and will pack the sanctuary out - but it keeps our church from pitting family against church.

Not that other ideas are horrible or anything. I just think our idea really works.

So go ahead - tell people you follow the South Albany model. Jesus will love you more if you do!

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Brooke said...

I loved that the kids stayed. I almost feel bad when kids are dismissed. Like, "We dismiss the kids cause' this is adult Jesus time..." It was rad that everyone was together. The whole... reading to the kids was way cute...