Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Home and Native Land

So I learned last night flipping through watching Hardball on CNBC that Paul Martin had conceded the Canadian election to Stephen Harper. My first thought was, what a normal name for a leader - and my is he good looking! Easily the best looking Canadian leader since Sheila Copps and Pierre Trudeau. It's also heartwarming to see the NDP resurging. Nice in a "Yes to Nuclear Power" way, not in a "Shoot my .22 at the rockets over the prairies" way.

He's promising policy over pizzaz and is expected to improve international relationships (with the USAmericans especially) and bring the course of the country rightward, which, I think, is an improvement on the Liberal party's last 13 years. Not that I hope Canada becomes like Puerto Rico or Vigin Islands - I just hope they stop making ridiculous policy reforms that make Canada look like more of an experiment than a country.

Mostly, though, I hope for a better exchange rate: paying off my student loans is easier that way!!

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