Friday, February 17, 2006

Slowwwww Dowwwwnnnn

This morning Heather says I might need to slow down. She says a 2 month old, a toothache, a canker sore, a new youth leadership team, planning a missions trip, planning our big spring retreat (dare 2 Share this year), and introducing the concepts of a new congregation to our church might be a little much. Oh yeah, and my little boy is sick too.

So I come into the office today with the intention of moving slower. Spending some time praying - but needed some prompting.

Here's my prompts (icons):

Dropping Knowledge

World Photo contest

Pray away.


M@ndy said...

It's good that you are slowing down James because you are like going a mile a minute...the rest of us can't keep up!

Plumluck said...

Amazing Pictures! And
now I feel bad for wanting a new pathetic am I?