Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This year I was nervous. I have to admit it. The HEAT just didn't seem to be getting it together. But - SHAQ IS BACK!!

scoring 49 points in two games on only 30 shots (let's see Kobe do that!) and shooting 73% from the line.

Detroit who? Pistons? I might remember them...they used to be the favorites, right? Before SHAQ woke up?

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Jazz-n-Stuff said...

Ok - I do like SHAQ....he is a stud and he has a good heart! He's a cool dude, BUT - don't be dissin' the PISTONS cuz...even though SHAQ is as big as all five straters of the Pistons, it's still 5 on 5 and NO ONE is better @ team ball than Detroit.