Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sale of YS

Every youth pastor in the nation with nothing better to do watched a little video yesterday letting us know that Youth Specialties has been sold. YS is a big supporter of my ministry - they supply me and resource me and everything in between to help me be me.

I love that they are selling and gaining more resources through Zondervan. Zondervan, of course, belongs to News Corp, so now maybe YS will become more supportive of W., like FoxNews is (please note I am as serious about this as I am about the Christian butt-jeans).

Anyways - the biggest reason that I love YS is for the way that they make me feel "normal" for having a calling to youth ministry. Through their conventions, books, emails, and encouragment that makes them more than a company, they have become a friend/organization that isn't shocked for the love that I have for teens in Albany.

I am a friend of Emergent, yes, but I am a really good friend of YS!


Eruetelehtalme said...

""so now maybe YS will become more supportive of W., like FoxNews""

Need I even say what I'm thinking right now?


James said...

I'm not saying anything bad about W. - just pointing out that FoxNews is Chaney's favorite and that Fox is owned by NewsCorp, which also owns Zondervan which now owns YS.

just a coincidence?