Friday, June 09, 2006

Lj - emerging theologian 3

So last night LJ and I were doing our evening prayers, complin, if you will. We ususally say the shema, the same prayer and have a 4 sentence conversation about our commitments to each other. Recently, however, we have added Psalm 115:1-3 to his memorization. Here's a little tidbit from last night:

LJ:Why do the nations ask, where is their
Jesus...God?..Jesus..our...uhhh...He is in heaven, he does whatever he

Me: great job, let's pray.

Lj: I said Jesus, not God, oops.

Me: That's ok - they're sort of the same.

LJ:...(puzzled look)...

Me: Well God is like the Father and Jesus is like the Son (using the
word like to try explain the intricacies of explaining unexplainable truths
about God using the English language

Lj: Like me and you!

Me: ...(hesitating...considering the implications of my son comparing
himself to Jesus and me to God - what's good and what's bad about it

Lj: Who's the mommy?

Me: ...(considering my options: 1. say God, let my child in on the
majesty of God's motherly loved that is expressed inthe Scritpures; 2. say
the Holy Spirit and get into a conversation about the Trinity and later have to
explain that the Holy Spirit is probably not a boy or a girl; 3. Say Mary
and let my son revere her
)...(my answer...) Mary, the virgin Mary,
she is Jesus' mom.

Lj: ok, let's pray


Anonymous said...

Good job, James. Way to think in a crisis. ;)


T said...

that's rather amazing

¤ Bri-z ¤ said... pretty cool I love it when kids ask questions that their parents have a hard time answering lol my mom said I had a lot of questions like that when I was little.