Monday, July 24, 2006

Annual Conference

Some pastors are good at meetings. Some pastors are good at reading during meetings. Guess which category I fit into. I'm up at our annual conference, a meeting of all the pastors and lay leaders from all our churches in Washington and Oregon. Lots and lots of talking, most of it is important, but it is all run by rob's rules of order and that fails to crank me up. There is also a lot of talk about new things that churches are doing, not unlike what our church is doing with the new congregation idea that is bouncing around.

My son and I are in the hotel right now having a quick conversation about saying, Oh my God, and why that is wrong and why oh my Jesus is too and so is oh my Mary. And then Heather tells me that LJ doesn't even know what venerate Mary means. So, I've got to go, aparently my son needs some more theological training.



Chelserz said...

I don't know what venerate Mary means. I think I need to brush up on my theologicalness.

Anonymous said...

james carmichael, you're son is goin to be a genius. he's knows so much at the age of 3, it's amazing. more dad's should teach like you do. i better marry smart so my kids can be too!

Eruetelehtalme said...

Not fair...I've missed the conference three years in a row now...and I've been ticked about it for all three.


oh well I guess Grandpa will fill us in on what happened...again this year, he got to talk to Lynn M. yesterday.