Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Watch Out!

The one thing that older leadership needs to know is that younger leadership isn't even asking the same questions anymore. So older leadership's answers aren't cutting it.

That's my quote - what questions are you asking?


Anonymous said...

Why isn't "Christian" music fun anymore? Isn't it possible to glut the market with nothing but worship music?

Why are we setting aside tens of thousands of dollars for a new church *building* when there's people in our current body of believers that could perhaps use financial assistance, and definitely people in our community that could use the help.

James said...

more questions...

Do you listen to DCB (aka David Crosder Band?) and FM Static?

About the building...how much are you willing to pay to save the city? Sure, a few million could help feed a bunch of people in Africa, but are the people in your town in just as much danger of hell as Africans? Where does the money go? How do we decide?

James said...

great questions, though, really good.

Anonymous said...

I guess the money thing comes down to the question of whether or not we're hurting people by saving that money instead of giving it away.

Eruetelehtalme said...

OH!!! I have one!

So I don't think I fully agree with it but on D2S's new "GO WIDE" strategy they talk about how you're never going to get rid of the cliques, so use them as a tool. Newcomers go to the clique that they best fit with. Of course this means that the cliques will have to be open to people.

Like I said...I don't really agree with that, was wondering what your opinion on it was.(The GO WIDE thing is on the D2S website)