Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jr. high

I haven't blogged nearly any enough lately - I am having a little case of the burn-outs and trying to work through that. Here's some preliminary reports on my summer though:

I got to be the speaker at our conference junior high camp this year and it was such a great time. I really enjoyed seeing God work in the lives othe tweens and being able to lead them through some great scriptures. I think many people don't give them as much credit as they deserve - in some moments they are astoundingly mature and focused people - the problem is many people can't get over the moments that they are wild, crazy and not thinking consequentially.

I loved it though - I was probably most nervous just speaking in front of my peer youth pastors - that's a little more intimidating, but they were really encouraging and it was great to experience this all.

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Nick said...

You used the word burn-out and work through in the same sentence. Seems ironic don't you think?