Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Christ Clone Trilogy

First review is three books: The Christ Clone Trilogy by James Beauseigneur.

1. In His Image
2. Birth of an Age
3. Acts of God

These three books really have to be read together in order to keep you knowing what on earth is going on. The books take a postChristian look at what the end of the world will be like. I loved them because Beauseigneur sees things and apporaches things that I had never seen or thought of before. I fully recommend them, unless you are the kind of person who reads this stuff and looks for biblical inaccuracies, then don't bother. I'm a recovering point-out-the-mistakes-turkey myself, and allow me to tell you that life is so much prettier when you just appreciate an effort of art.

The books trace the end of the world, when the antiChrist rises as a child cloned from cells from the shroud of turin. The child grows and takes power and lives through the end of the world as we know it*

The book also explores various theories of creation and the validity of God and Christ. It seems rather convincing too - hence the author's note which relieves himself from fundamentalist Christians attacks on his fictional work. It still takes an escapist stance to a certain degree, but not to the extent of the now infamous Left Behind series.

Good books, refreshingly written by a skilled writer(unlike some Xn published books) that takes you into a world and a story that helps you stay awake at night reading - and helps you to follow God instead of following a theory of the end of the world.

Go ahead - read them all.


Moses said...
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T said...

SO does this mean...that not everything he says is true but he points out things that Christians should think about?

James said...

The author takes the stand of an observer of the events, not a prescription of the end times...

And you can borrow the books from Kyle or Eric...but you didn't hear that from me...