Monday, August 30, 2004

Wild Waves

What a great weekend - I got to hang out with some up and coming freshmen students who are going to be the first students in our invert discipleship program. I was the "speaker" and helped to show the students how valuable they are and what Christ has done for them and how they can join with Him in His mission of love to the world.

It was a fun weekend, too. Speed waterslides, Micah and I doing the wave in front of 3 sections of empty stands, Jesus play - really great - I should post a link to it some time, getting Tanner to fake cry - really well! So I'm going back to my sunburn and try to relax a little today!

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Moses said...

so much for relaxing huh....jk yeah the Jesus play....i always liked it but after like the 3rd time it gets old...the meaning fades for me. but i haven't seen it in about 2 years so i wouldn't mind seeing it again...too bad hs-ers aren't cool enough anymore....stupid!