Monday, October 18, 2004

West Coast Blogging

It's no secret I love west ocast living and west coast blogging is just another part of that. For a long time I have felt (God's pull) pulled to be out here and ministering in this social context. This is where the sun sets on the world and where the sun sets on the church - in a very real way...

I want to live as close to people who don't know Jesus as possible...I love the west coast.


Moses said...

are you kidding me its freezing here!

Sarah said...

It may be cold, but the West Coast needs the ministers. Besides, it wasn't that cold just a month ago. Or two days ago. Then it was 80 degrees in October, which is just plain ridiculous.

Anyway, the WC is more appathetic and more liberal than the East Coast at times, and definately more liberal than the Bible belt. Anyone who can make a difference is more than welcome.