Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I should have known...

Wild Weekend.

I need to post on:
Meeting people who are breaking into the youth house wearing your jacket
Thirty Hour Famine

But right now, I want to point out some cool stuff. I have created some little links on the right hand side that I learned about from Bob up in Portland, whose link is also on the side.

One of the links tells me what key words people are using to search and finding my blog.

Here's the latest smattering. It's funny.

canadian in cuba
kenda creasy dean (which reminds me, I'm almost done Practicing Passion. Possibly the greatest youth ministry book in the world for me right now.)
rob bell mars hill
church sluts
learning about when people laugh at you and not with you
sluts of all kind

As you can see....some people (last search) are coming to the reorientation looking for something a little different.


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