Friday, October 07, 2005

reorient reader: You are Getting Stupider Every Time You Are Here.

Well, unfortunately, it might be true. The more you are goofing around on your computer, the lower your IQ is going. So, in theory, the more you are here, the dumber you are getting. Click on the title link for the news story.

I love IQ. I love it because I love to see the way that people talk about it. I love to ask people what there's is and I don't really care what the number is - I find it interesting when people are really excited about their number. High or low, whatever. I love when people ask me my number and there number is higher, but they are complete morons. I find it revealing to me as a warning not to place my self worth anywhere but on Jesus' inherent worth given to creation, in His Image.

I think the idol of finding self-worth in smarts, good grades, graduating high school is wildly prevalent in our culture. People look at me like I am crazy when I talk about my educational dreams for LJ - I hope he follow God's call. HS? Ok, whatever. College? OK whatever.

However, I don't endorse the, "I'm dropping out of high school so that I can go to Africa and be a missionary!" Unless it is surely God's call (which He has made crazier calls), then the 14 year old in Africa is just another crying mouth to feed. One without a decent education.

So if you are going to be stupid. At least be stupid here.

*This rant has been inspired by Irwin McManus' teaching at 722 in Atlanta from last week.


Nick said...

Ahh Erwin...I am but I am not.

Daron said...

I am so with you! I left a music performance degree unfinished to go into ministry. Haven't regretted it, but everyone else seems to.

-Justin- said...

Great writing here. I completely agree with you on this!

Mike said...

I attend the University of Waterloo, where marks sometimes become everything. It often does go too far. I've heard that one prestigious school doesn't give out grades in first year (only pass/fail) to keep suicide rates down among frosh who've never seen anything below 95 who suddenly find themselves with 60s.

Sometimes though, smarts can be important. I don't know if it's a particular calling or not, but God's gifted me in the area of engineering. In engineering, competence plays a big role - if you don't know your stuff, you could design something that kills someone. Gordon, in his book "Structures, or why things don't fall down" entitles one section regarding ethics and competence, "Engineering as applied theology". I think that's where I see 'smarts' as being important - they enable me to be able to go out and design things that improve people's lives and keeps them safe.

Certainly, God's call trumps everything, and we should never put confidence in our own strength. But I think intelligence still has its place, because as I see it, it's an important tool God's given to make a difference in this world.