Monday, November 13, 2006

Best Life Possible

In reference to my previous post on James 3:1 - it is such a blessing to see those we have been entrusted with teaching develop to the point where they are discovering truth themselves. Click on the title link to see a true and honest post by Theresa, a brand new freshwoman at OSU.

This is where, i think, a lot of youth ministries eat it. They teach the kids to know/believe/do all the right things - my goal, however, is to teach students to figure out how to know/believe/do all the right things. So, maybe my students don't listen to Christian radio, have fish bumper stickers, yell stupid chants at rallies, hate sinners, etc. like yours do...but Driven students develop and keep developing and love like they are completely nuts for the gospel.

A blessing for the Driven:
May you love to love.
May you learn to learn.
May you think about thinking.
May you worhsip your God like a nut.
May you be Driven.

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