Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Catching my son's puke in my hand is one of the specialist moments in my life. My son has taught me more about God and Jesus than most of you who read this ever will - most likely because God chose to reveal Himself to us in a Father/Son/Spirit trichotomy (prolly not even a word). So, being a father teaches me about the Father.

A prayer for today...
God, thanks for catching my puke in your hand.
thanks for wiping my chin and giving me juice.
thanks forlaying next to me while i sleep.
thanks for taking me out and treating me well and carrying me when i am tired of walking.
thanks for loving my son.


Anonymous said...

Well said. You capture the essence of fatherhood and understand God as father well. I've learned more about God the last 21 months that the my whole life prior.

Great post!


AllieB said...

Great perspective. I agree. Children teach us soooo much about our Father. When my kids were young and so looked up to me and trusted me so implicitly, I thought, "this is how the Lord wants me to trust him". Like a child.