Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rose, Vital Holiness

Delbert Rose gave this book to all the students in my holiness class. I didn't read the whole thing because there is a long section on a particularly important man (who had the misfortune of having a name that matches the name of a founder of something else entirely) and I didn't care for that part. In addition, I didn't have to read any more than I did to meet the extra collateral reading requirement for my class. Iread the parts on the beginnings of the holiness movement (the holiness club, camp meetings, methodism, etc.) and on the theology of man, sin, grace, and a short bit on sanctification.

It's a sweet book by a sweet man. Anyways, here's some fodder:

p.24 "Wesley's sole objective was to save his own soul and the souls of others who might receive help from him."

p.145 "According to His own divine estimate, God's created world, including both nature and man, was good (HOLY) as it came from His creative hand. Its goodness (HOLINESS) was soon marred through the manifestation of evil..." (brackets mine)

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