Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wesley, A Plain Account of Christian Perfection

John Weley's Plain Account was assigned for my master's class on Holiness Theology. Because I think that the core of Emergent is similar to the core of holiness theology, I resonate with Wesley's work, methods, and thinking. He is also a great process guy, who changed his mind on several things later in life. Many people call that flip-floping, like when a politician supports something and later doesn't. I think it could be growing in wisdom.

My version was purchased from Relevant books. relevant is trying really hard to be just that for young adult christians - sometimes they are bang on, other times they betray their efforts. They put out several'christian classics' with cooler covers and they are, hopefully, putting good stuff into the hands of those young adult christians.

Wesley, a modern version of Brian Mclaren, mangaged to say a lot without letting people pin him down on things that he didn't want to be pinned down on. He also made much of his theology appear through his journals and his songs (with his brother), never authroing a systematic theology. He wasn't trying to start something, he was just trying to be as faithful as possible to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in his heart.

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