Monday, March 14, 2005

Becoming a real Pastor!

I have been working on my licensing for our denominational credentials and it occurs to me - how is this training helping me to become a minister in a postmodern generation.

I don't think the whole church will engage the emerging world until the educational institutions, including boards of ministry, are turned in that direction.

This is the reasons the western church is always a few years behind the culture - we are so deathly afraid of heresy that we end up Amish. Is heresy really the ultimate evil?

nope. The easter bunny may be though.

Also - Eastern Orthodox lent starts today. Gentlemen, start your engines.


PA said...

my opinion is that they are not interested in your being called, capable, and able to reach an emerging generation. they probably see their process as helping you "mature beyond" such silly ideas. (at least from their perspective)

Never forget, the real question is "how am I being effective in individual people's lives."

Anonymous said...

I heard someone speak once that was talking about the bible school they went to. He went there to learn about Jesus and to be like Jesus but he got so frustrated that no one would talk about Jesus. Everyone cared more about the most controversial scripture than about how to make scripture real and walk as Jesus did. So, who needs a title. God never said you needed a title to be a better leader or to be more like, right on James.

James said...

Anyone care to claim the above post?

Anonymous said...

I to am trying to become a pastor, people tell me until "when you go through all the bible and know it inside and out, then you'll be ready." I tell them I thought this was about progress not perfection, using my gifts to speak, displaying my compassion, hope and faith. I think a minister that is real and admits the strugles in their own life, has more appeal than one who has all the knowledge in the world but the common man can't identify with. After all most people in general that know anythig about the bible can't completely execute the basics without strgle. Good luck James