Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Whoever

So there's all this buzz about Teri Whoever and wether or not they shoudl pull out her feeding tube.

Secret: I really can't car less.

It's so funny what can happen when the media controlled america goes out and starts reporting on a story that really isn't big news, and the country gets all worked up on it.

Honestly, my life doesn't change either way on this one.

So, go buy the latest green day album and get over it. She lives, she dies, two months later no one will remember her name.

this post brought to you by James' sympathy black hole.


T said...

Terri is a cute name...I kinda like's a nick name for Theresa you know...but on the other hand- Theresa is original...

The Thief said...
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The Thief said...

Whose name are we forgetting again? ;-) Of course, even by posting that you don't care, you bring out the fact that you have heard and thought about it...

It's kind of like something a teacher of mine once said. He said, "Kids try to put me down by saying, 'Mr. X is an idiot' but they are still giving me the respect of the title 'Mr.'"

So even though you don't care, you're adding to the media frenzy by posting that you don't care ;-)

James said...

Dang - I'm cuaght in the vicious circle of a media controlled republic!!

Somebody send a Canadian to sve me!!