Tuesday, May 22, 2007


In 1979 I was two. It was another year of the same although I think we moved to Toronto this year. My dad was in the recording industry (as an electrician for a factory that made records) and i did the basic things that two year olds do. My parents definitely hit their "dress your kids 70's style" kick and it was pretty rad. The pictures from 79 pretty much rule.

1979 was the UN international year of the child, and I was one, so that was pretty awesome. i really appreciated all the things the UN did for me that year. Stuff like...um....ohhh....BEATS ME!! Gay rights really took off this year. So didChina, hitting the 1 billion mark in population. There was also a lot of global terrorism. Tons of little squirmishes. LT21 was born and Mother Teresa was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Good Stuff 1979!!

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Nick said...

You forgot- Nick was born this year. Making it the most awesomely amazing year in most of history.