Tuesday, May 01, 2007

McLaren, The Secret Message of Jesus

I finished this book up after picking it up for less that 5 bucks at a christian booksstore. It is supposed to have been uncovering the truth that could change everything.

Most of this book I kinda had already thought of/read of before. I understand that for many people this would be introductory and brand new and all, but I'm finding as time progresses I am less interested in reading about radical emerging stuff and more interested in doing it and being it. Maybe that's waht Kainos is doing to me - and I'm glad for it. i don't doubt that this book is great and all, it just wasn't me at this time.

However, as always, McLaren manages to sometimes put words to my thoughts and here's some things that stuck out to me and made me glad to be a follower of Jesus.

p.47, "What happens then to those who say, 'I don't have time for childish stories about seeds and yeast and sheep. I'm an important person. I have advanced degrees! I'm very knowledgeable!' Simply put, the parable excludes them. In fact, the parable exposes them."

p.53 "It was a complex, organic community with both limits and freedom, accountability and responsibility."

Chapter 10: Secret Agents of the Secret Kingdom - my favorite chapter because it speaks of empowering all Christians as change agents of the kingdom.

p.91 "The kingdom of God is at hand. That was Jesus' message. Don't you think we should let Jesus tell us what the gospel is?"

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