Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kimball, They like Jesus byt not the Church

Now I know what you are thinking, and, no, this is not a book about pastors. It is actually a book about Kimball's findings from people who are outside of the church and how they feel about Jesus and how they feel about the church.

Kimball is really on the ball and this should encourage pastors to get out and be about the people and among them. Forming relationships through patterns and building trust in people's lives. I really enjoyed this book, there wasn't any awe-inspiring quotes as I think this book was written more for people who probably have never thought of these things.

In his last bbok, emerging worship, Kimball earnestly suggested that pastor's know their communities before launching emerging church initiatives, which we took to heart in preparation fro Kainos. We interviewed, built relationships and researched demographics. That is what makes Kainos exciting and not manufactured, rather discerned through a divine calling.

Anyways - good book, easy read and lots of helpful information in it.

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