Monday, October 30, 2006

Busiest Month Ever

So, this has no officially become the busies month ever in the reOrientation with the hits going over 570! And there is still one day left, giving a chance for the luminous 600 hits in a month. So, in order to steal a couple hits I am going to post some random words that people will search for and click on this site and be disappointed.

Rob Bell nooma nywc emergent emerging andrew jones nano technology.

Thanks for being here!


Aaron said...

well i think that if you hit the 600 it will have to be 600* cuase in small print you will have to say that *=you cheated to get your last hits for sure. sorry its the rules, have you watched saw 3 yet its a must see for sure

Chelserz said...


You're welcome.

I thought I would just brighten your day by gracing your blog with my presence.

It worked, didn't it? Your day is just so much brighter now, isn't it?

...Yeah, I thought so.

Plumluck said...

thanks for the comment on my blog....i will be sure to not show others my secret "hiding" place for my tribute to jimmy future.

James said...

I am not a cheater. My blog is not using steroids. You're just jealous Aaron...but you don't get hits 'cuz you don't post...

Aaron said...

hey i only post when i really need to, i dont think my blog is a big hit so no one is missing out for sure, but hey did you hit your number or not? and how was the halloween party