Tuesday, October 03, 2006


There seems to be a growing movement in emerging circles toward a spirituality that is simple, organic and natural. A view on spiritual disciplines that seeks not to define and separate, but connect and draw out. It is an interesting movement because for a long time spiritual disciplines have been a measurable thing that you do; under this line of thought spiritual disciplines are things you are becoming.

To the point where traditional spiritual disciplines are only needed for the immature int he faith. That's a soakable thought!

The latest contribution herein is a book, Off-Road Disciplines, by Earl Creps. I've never heard of him, but the book is published by Leadership Network, so it won't be a bestseller, but it will be a fantastic book.


Anonymous said...

What the heck is "organic" spirituality? Just a random thought. Maybe reading the book would help me with this idea, but spiritual discipline IS measurable, defineable and at the same time is such an integral part of becoming that the two can't be separated. EVERYONE has spiritual disciplines. From Monday Night Football, to gaming, to hanging with friends on Friday nights to reading the funnies to whatever you see as a necessary part of your day and week and it surely reveals what you are becoming spiritually whether you like it or not. Does prayer and scripure meditation and Christian fellowship not qualify as spiritual discipline for those who are "mature" just because they are definable? And what is more simple than these old time virtues? Certainly doing the "natural" thing is what the world leads us to believe is superior. I never see any of the heros of the faith in the Bible abandon the spiritual disciplines that we have traditionally held as important. Maybe they never reached maturity.

Earl Creps said...

Thanks for the post about my book. I would really be interested in your feedback. www.earlcreps.com