Monday, January 22, 2007

Coupland, JPod

I treated myself to a read of Douglas Coupland's Jpod over the weekend. A really great book. You can find the details of the plot online, but the great thing for me was watching the way he moved the morality of the characters around. It is a view of life without a standard of morality, a metanarrative if you will, a Scripture if you won't. I love Coupland's work - his creativity is inspirational to me. Without the book right in front of me, here's some striking things that will surely come up in conversation.

> The largest prime number under 100,000 is 99,991
> You cannot fake creativity or competency. You can try, but those who are creative and/or competent will see through you.
> Douglas Coupland has become the anti-icon in generation x. This is mainly because he gave the non-x a definition of the generation who strongly desires to be defined by a resistance to definition.

(For the canadian readers, he ends the book with an absolutely hillarious little paragraph - it's plain rad. however, the american readers may think he's swearing. So, canucks, check it out. amercians, read more dan brown and wonder who jesus' girlfriend was.....)

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to think I fake creativity rather well, but I just found out people will see right thru me...i can't catch a break!