Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Theology and Government

I am not supposed to talk about my political leanings because I am a pastor and our church could lose some advantages that it enjoys right now. I am a spiritual leader...not called to be a political leader. So, please note that this blog is not an endorsement of a political party. It is an endorsement of love.

Today, Chavez has gotten pretty much a dictatorship in Venezula. Amid cries of socialism, he is creating an empire based on hate. Much of the social governments of the past 500 years (especially within the last 100 years) have been based on hate. These include Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. This has created an understanding of socialism that equates it with hate.

Conversely, much of the world that is trying to live by a Christian standard has tried to base a government on what it is for. I admit the American Revolution was against something, but maybe it was more for freedom than it was against anything. Democratic countries are not innocent; they are not the new heaven and new earth, but if you were a visitor from another country - where would you choose to live? In a just society (at least generally) or next door to a guy like Chavez (or Kim-Jong, Castro, Gueverra, Stalin, etc.)?

Democracy is not Jesus' goal in the Scriptures, but love is. Salvation is!

May we be agents of love no matter the socio-political situation we are in.

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