Thursday, January 04, 2007

reOrient Royale

In the year 007 I'm going to make some more structure around the reOrient - there will be 5 posts each week that I am posting (obviously I can't post from Mayfield). They will be

1. On the Holy Rule of St. Benedict - in my efforts to better understand and live in a monastic rythym.

2. On my reading - I managed about 23 books last year. Not horrible, but will be increasing.

3. On theology - specifically on emerging theologies and giving my thoughts and learning here. These will be the posts that get no comments.

4. On youth ministry - ours and in general.

5. On youtube - I will limit my youtubia to one a week, a sort of prize to myself for finishing well.

There may also be other posts as I feel like it since it is my blog and I hate the rules!


Eruetelehtalme said...

so, is this going to last as long as the "donut" resolution?

Chelserz said...

Hahaha. I was going to say something along the lines of what she said... But she beat me to it.

So I'll be your support instead.

I have faith in you! You can do it!

AllieB said...

Structure around blogging...hmmm. Sounds very un-James, but I have a feeling that you embrace structure more than one would think.

Your resolutions are impressive. Ambitious. How does emerging theology blend with the Holy Rule? They seem so different...but I'm easily confused by big words.

Eruetelehtalme said...

You do realize it's been a week so far right?

I'm not seeing these so called 5 posts.