Friday, January 19, 2007

Youth Ministry in the Emerging Church

There are some who believe that youth ministry will cease to exist in the emerging church. What that statement reveals is a belief that the current expression of youth ministry is the only possible expression. Youths will continue to be ministered to and they will continue to be agents of God's kingdom - whether or not the traditional structures of youth ministry survive (on these structures: there are some I hope survive and some I hope die).

Youth ministry as a profession may cease. But this is a long way off - there will be many churches that hold on to modernistic structures for a very long time, so if your in college getting a degree in youth ministry - don't worry...but focus your training on leadership (hope), Scripture (faith) and loving people (love)...these three are foundational for any ministry.

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Tim said...

I graduated with a youth ministry degree back in 2002 and YM has already changed so much since then! The degree should be only the beginning to the educational process, ya know?